Major Areas of Activity

Fondazione Achille Sclavo is implementing its research, study and social development activities by:

  1. starting research projects targeted to pursue the objectives of One Health/Planetary Health and 2030Agenda;
  2. getting involved in R&D projects targeted to the production and correct introduction of new drugs, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and diagnostics for human use against infectious diseases in LICs;
  3. promoting and entering collaborations and understandings with institutes and centers of scientific research;
  4. disseminating the culture of One Health/Planetary Health, to increase value and understanding of the principles of sustainability and the contribution provided by research and development of new drugs, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and diagnostics against infectious diseases;
  5. offering training courses targeted to the pursuit of our institutional activities, mainly in LICs;
  6. putting in place interventions and services targeted to safeguard and improve environmental conditions as well as to the correct and rational use of natural resources;
  7. informing the public opinion on environmental, social and health topics connected to sustainability and on the consequences of a non-systematic global fight against infectious diseases of poor Countries.

Where possible and economically feasible, the Foundation will engage in the direct management of every aspect of research activities in the selected sectors, also organizing and/or administering labs and research centers as well as managing grants assigned to specific research programs.