A fight for humanity

A group of diverse children playing outside.

La Fondazione Achille Sclavo ONLUS* was created to continue Dr. Sclavo’s commitment to fight the infectious diseases found in developing countries in the global world of the 21st century. In this we are guided both by his philanthropy and his method of action: scientific rigor, training, vaccinations and a multidimensional approach to infectious diseases. The Fondazione is located in Siena, a city tragically struck in the 14th century by the plague, halting the construction of what would have been the greatest Gothic cathedral in the world and killing a large part of the population and the master builders who were to have constructed that cathedral.

Of that sublime vision, the only thing which remains today is the enormous façade, a wounded giant whose elegant but empty windows are proof of the blind destructive power of infectious diseases for humankind and its aspirations to development.


*ONLUS is the Italian acronym for registered, non-profit, fully tax exempt humanitarian organizations.