Our Foundation’s contribution

Fondazione Sclavo, thanks to the experience of its management in the development and introduction of pediatric vaccines, understanding of technologies to develop and produce these vaccines at affordable costs, and to the partnerships with other institutions and companies, is contributing to this effort in favour of Low-Income Countries.

We are pursuing a better future to prevent infectious diseases through:

  • Development of vaccines to be produced in emerging countries, already conceived as such from the very beginning,
  • Fight against antimicrobial resistance,
  • Obtaining vaccines at sustainable costs, accessible to Low-Income Countries with the assistance of international organizations,
  • Identification of economically sustainable production processes, conceived ad hoc for Low-Income Countries allowing a larger distribution and offering also a margin to the local producer as an incentive to continue production and supply.

We ask your help in support us to make this vision a reality: it’s the best opportunity to make a significative difference in the global fight against children’s mortality.

The vicious cycle of enteric diseases and poverty