Nutrition and Sustainability

Sustainability of food and agricultural systems is a pre-requisite to improve nutrition at the global level, preserve ecosystems, defeat hunger and poverty.

The challenge we have in front of us for the future of our planet and the sustainability of the agri-food systems is to support an application of innovative science and techniques applied to the food and agricultural enterprises through new learning, trials and partnership mechanisms.

In nutrition and sustainability, the Fondazione aims at new initiatives aiming at:

  • Identify new, more sustainable methods of food production and healthy nutrition models respectful of the environment,
  • Foster activities connected to the promotion and application of the environmental, social and economic sustainability principles referring to the 2030 Agenda and its programs.

The Fondazione also intends to foster and promote education and activities of those wishing to devote themselves to scientific research with specific attention to nutrition and sustainability, promoting and encouraging research centers and courses together with other institutions and research centers.

The objective is to create a wider knowledge of these disciplines for the purpose of a greater scientific, social, economic and cultural progress.

The Fondazione intends in particular to pursue a series of initiatives to promote and disseminate innovative solutions inspired by the definition of “One Health/Planetary Health” and activities connected with the 2030 Agenda, targeted to safeguard and improve the environment and to a wise and rational use of natural resources.