One Health as a Systems Approach

An attempt to re-evaluate ONE HEALTH as the key holistic approach has been proposed by Rabinowitz et al. (Rabinowitz PMacG, Pappaioanou M, Bardosh KL, et al. A planetary vision for one health. BMJ Glob Health 2018;3:e001137. doi:10.1136).

Rabinowitz in the paper above, published on the BMJ Global Health, proposes a concept of Planetary ONE HEALTH as a systematic approach including both the concept of PLANETARY HEALTH and ECOHEALTH.

This wider, or PLANETARY concept of ONE HEALTH, includes three interdependent systems:

  • the human eco system,
  • the animal eco system,
  • the environment,

also including interactions occurring among the subsystems at different levels of complexity. The environment is the element connecting the subsystems, and needs to be managed in a sustainable fashion to maintain its equilibrium and the stability of the three systems altogether.